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The aim of placement placement is both the training of professional skills and competencies as well as the development of health in the 1st labor market. With this intermediate step, the performance and employability can be checked and trained at the place of assignment, so that a re-entry into the free market economy can take place.

Who is job placement suitable for?

For people who cannot be placed directly in the first job market. Professional skills and competencies can be checked, stabilized and built up without pressure via this intermediate step.  


  • Registration of the person (private insurance, IV offices, social services, private individuals)

  • Clarify the order with the client

  • positioning

  • Analysis of professional biography

  • Profiling, analysis of strengths and weaknesses

  • Specification of professional perspectives

  • Preparation of an up-to-date and professional application dossier

  • Arranging trial assignments if required

  • Preparing and training for job interviews

  • Active mediation of a training job in the 1st labor market through fokusarbeit

  • Accompaniment to interviews with potential employers

  • Clarify and record the contractual conditions for the place of work

  • Timely feedback on the process to the client

  • Final report with recommendations for action

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