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The aim of the assessment is to develop a realistic integration plan for the next steps.

For whom is an assessment suitable? 

For people in complex situations (e.g. after a long illness or accident, many different service providers / network partners involved, with a history of migration, after maternity leave) for whom it has not yet been possible to develop prospects for professional reintegration and clarity about the next steps is to be created.



  • Registration of the person (private insurance, IV offices, social services, private individuals)

  • clarification of the order

  • Location determination with the registered person

  • Clarification of involved and potential cost bearers (including IV, insurance)

  • Clarification of involved and potential medical/therapeutic network 

  • Health prognosis of ability to work

  • Research on opportunities and risks in specific fields of work

  • Definition of the objective, possibly optional objectives together with the person, including the payers

  • Information about support options and possible triage at specialist departments

  • Timely feedback on the process to the client

  • Final report with recommendations for action  

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