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insurances. IV offices. Company. pension funds. communities. private individuals.

Our customers are very different, but have one thing in common: high expectations of the quality of advice, of our flexibility and of the rehabilitation and integration success.

What our customers book with us:

  • Insurance: occupational and health rehabilitation and integration (accident, liability, daily sickness benefit, reinsurance)

  • IV jobs: Development and integration programs, job and training place placement

  • Companies: employee counseling, case management, reorientation, company health management

  • pension funds:  Case management, training in the field of health prevention

  • Municipalities:  Integration support for refugees (IAZH) and recipients of social assistance

  • Individuals : Individual coaching, professional, study & career advice, reorientation, preventive training in the field of health


"Chapeau! I haven't received such a meaningful final report for a long time. Great work and excellent basis for further measures. Thank you very much!"


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