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The aim of the consultation, in addition to an intensive determination of where you stand, is to find professional development opportunities and to work out potential paths to a new career or training goal.

Who is the job, study and career advice suitable for? 

For adults who want or need to change careers but are not yet clear about their resources and options or the feasibility of plans.

For young people who need intensive clarification and advice regarding their choice of career or study.



  • Registration of the person (private insurance, IV offices, social services, private individuals)

  • Clarify the order with the client

  • In-depth assessment of where you are with the insured person 

  • Biographically relevant problem reflection 

  • Profile, potential and competence analysis (individual test procedures)

  • Advice on professional development Advice on training and job opportunities

  • Information about funding programs

  • Working out transitional solutions with regard to a career change

  • Timely feedback on the process to the client

  • Final report with recommendations for action

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