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The aim of job coaching is to strengthen a person's individual resources in order to be able to cope better with professional challenges and to find more serenity.

Who is job coaching suitable for? 

For people who are confronted with professional challenges and would like to use job coaching to strengthen their ability to master everyday working life.

For people who, due to a complex situation (illness, accident, migration history, long maternity leave, job loss, etc.), need support when returning to their original job or in a new working environment.


  • Registration of the person (private insurance, IV offices, social services, private individuals)

  • Clarify the order with the client

  • Getting to know the person and building a basis of trust

  • Location determination with the person 

  • Joint definition of goals and determination of individually adapted steps 

  • Regular coaching of the person in dealing with stress, excessive demands and problems (in the work environment as well as in the family  Environment)

  • Active individual support for employers (if necessary)

  • Timely feedback on the process to the client

  • Continuous review of target achievement by means of queries, round-table discussions and site reviews

  • Final report and any recommendations for action

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