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The aim is a well-founded assessment from work practice. This practical clarification allows valuable conclusions to be drawn about the ability to cope with stress and performance, but also about aspects relevant to motivation and development. The aim of the assessment is to develop a realistic integration plan for the next steps.

For whom is a practical assessment suitable? 

People who need to make a career change and are not yet fully aware of their resources and options and the feasibility of plans. They need the opportunity to get to know the chosen profession in a practical environment.



  • Registration of the person (private insurance, IV offices, social services, private individuals)

  • Clarify the order with the client

  • Location determination with the person 

  • Mediation of a suitable internship position on the first job market 

  • Support during the professional aptitude test

  • Evaluation of the internship assignment in relation to available resources and skills

  • Evaluation of resilience and performance in the workplace

  • Judgment on the feasibility of the planned professional reorientation 

  • Timely feedback on the process to the client

  • Final report with recommendations for action  

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